From in-store to online payments – as well as gift cards and loyalty programs – we provide the most efficient payment technology the industry has to offer with the most competitive processing rates.
Simple, secure credit card processing solutions that integrate with all major POS systems.

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Get Competitive Processing Rates

We offer amongst the most competitive credit and debit card processing plans in the industry.
That’s how we help our partners thrive: with transparent rates, no hidden fees,
and flexible terminal purchase or financing options.

Fuel Your Growth With Patel Processing's Cash Advance Program

We help you grow your business by giving you quick access to instant cash
– no collateral required. It’s just another way that we help our partners to grow and succeed.

●Get approved easily with affordable rates.
●Receive funds as fast as it goes for processing.
●Repay the advance daily and automatically from your merchant processing account.
●Get an opportunity to your cash advance for additional funds needs.

Gift Cards And Loyalty Programs

Going Beyond The Transaction

Providing gift cards and loyalty programs is one of the best things a business can do
to increase sales and customer retention.

Customer Retention

You're busy with the day to day operations of your business so
leave the customer retention to us!

It costs less to maintain customers than it does to acquire new ones!


Discounted prices make your customers happy; so that you too

The merchants' services Cash Discount Program is a way for merchants to reduce
some or all your merchant processing fees without increasing your overall prices.
It is a technique of implementing a service charge to all sales while giving a discount
to those who pay with cash.


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