Cash Advance Program

handy liquid cash - always

Your business qualifies itself for instance loan – no banks involved

Traditional business loans will require security or collateral, good credit, and a long business history. Newer businesses and business owners with a less than perfect credit history may still qualify for cash advances. Guarantee of cash flow whenever you need cash with the unique Cash Advance Program of Patel Processing.

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Elevate your business with our Cash Advance Program

Fast Approval

Get approved easily with affordable rates.

Instant Transfer

Receive funds as fast as it goes for processing.

Easy Repay

Repay the advance daily and automatically from your merchant processing account.

Multi-time Access

Get an opportunity to your cash advance for additional funds needs.


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Sharing is Carrying

Our goal is Revenue Sharing to increase your profits.

Accelerate your business growth by partnering with PatelProcessing and reach customers across the globe. To know more about the PatelProcessing Merchant Programme and enroll now.


Integration and technical support to help build your solution.

Offer your customers the best payment experience when we help you integrate PatelProcessing into your E-Commerce and M-Commerce platform. Quote for prices here.