Cash Discount

Cash Is King

Discounted prices make your customers happy; so that you too

The merchants' services Cash Discount Program is a way for merchants to reduce some or all your merchant processing fees without increasing your overall prices. It is a technique of implementing a service charge to all sales while giving a discount to those who pay with cash. Those consumers who pay cash avoid the service charge that all other customers would see on their receipt.

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Elevate your business with our Cash Discount Program

Reduce Price

The main benefit is to eliminate card-processing fees associated. The result is the reduced prices of products in your store.

Absolutely Legal

Adding card-processing surcharges is illegal in many states. However, implementing cash discounts is legal in all states.

Instant Cash

The time between the sale and the access to funds is minimal.

Get Attention

The word “sales” is known to attract more people, getting more people inside your store would increase your sales.


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