Virtual Terminal

Virtual is Powerfull

Accepting payment - No equipment needed.

Although a payment gateway is integrated into your website, without a virtual terminal it can only capture and process transactions on the customer’s end. That means a virtual terminal enables you to actually go in and process those transactions as a business owner. Used together, a payment gateway and a virtual terminal can offer secure, efficient, and reliable solutions through the entirety of the credit card processing journey.

our promises

Elevate your business with our Virtual Terminal

Safe & Secured

An easy and secure way to manually enter transactions

Always Available

Ability to access your account any time and anywhere with a reliable Internet connection

No Software Needed

Perform safe and efficient authorizations with no need for additional for costly software

All in One

Integrate with a payment gateway for a one-stop-shop solution


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Sharing is Carrying

Our goal is Revenue Sharing to increase your profits.

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Integration and technical support to help build your solution.

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